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The Latest DBR Podcast Is Out!

Get it while it’s hot!

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Not the DBR studio Photo by Taylor Weidman/Getty Images

The latest DBR Podcast is out! Here’s what the crew has for you this time out:

  • 00:10 Sam greets us and wishes a happy 50th birthday to Jason!
  • 02:25 We recap a tough week, Duke lost both games to FSU and Lou and Donald talks about the importance of depth
  • 08:10 Jason rants a bit about our poor interior D
  • 13:45 We talk a bit about how Amile Jefferson is like Bill Walton… yes, Bill Walton!
  • 20:30 Jason talks about one of his favorite statistics, Field Goal Attempts
  • 22:00 Donald previews Miami, a team that has a nice record but who hasn’t beaten anyone very good
  • 29:20 Jason tells us about NC State a team that is just awful on defense
  • 33:00 Sam asks Jason the impossible question, how do you stop Dennis Smith?
  • 38:50 Jason gives Sam and Donald the Duke trivia tenting quiz. It ain’t easy!
  • 41:15 Question #1 - Name all the players on the team, their numbers, their hometowns, and their high schools
  • 42:00 Question #2 – Give Duke’s ranking in the AP poll every week this season
  • 42:45 Question #3 – Name all 6 members of the Duke coaching staff
  • 44:35 Question #4 – Which Duke players were on the HOF preseason watch list
  • 46:00 Lightning round… in which Sam takes a funny shot at Marquis Bolden
  • 47:50 List all the 2017 recruits and their hometowns
  • 49:25 We digress into a conversation about the history of K-Ville and the line to get into games
  • 51:40 Player of the week picks, and a discussion of the guy who did not win it
  • 55:30 Parting Shots – Donald with a shout out to the Duke women
  • 56:30 Parting Shots – Jason on the Mickie Dees
  • 58:25 Parting Shots – Sam says… relax. It will be fine.
  • 1:00:15 Farewell and the Duke band

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