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St. Anthony’s Hangs On For Another Year

Not by much though.

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Bobby Hurley
Bobby Hurley is just one of the many great players to come out of St. Anthony’s in Jersey City.

We have a question. Do any of you guys know Adam Silver?

We’re not asking for ourselves (although we’d be curious to know if he knows the site).

We’re asking for another reason.

St. Anthony’s of Jersey City has managed to keep the doors open for another year but it’s a poor school in a poor city and the struggle never stops. Next year, as always, will be a struggle.

We’d like to suggest to NBA Commissioner Silver that it’s time for the NBA, its players and owners, to step up.

The NBA should acknowledge the contributions that Bob Hurley and St. Anthony’s has made to the game, the vital role it fulfills for New Jersey and the city, and help it raise enough funds to keep the doors open permanently.

For most NBA players and owners, it would be a trivial amount of money, and possibly even tax deductible.

For St. Anthony’s? It’d be a lifeline.

And more importantly, St. Anthony’s, aside from churning out basketball players, helps mold fine young men and women.

It’s a great cause, and the NBA should embrace it. So if you know Adam Silver, or maybe an owner or player, would you consider passing this along? Aside from the obvious, it would also be great PR.

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