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ACC Roundup - Hokies vs. Chokies

It wasn't really a choke. It was more like a cultural collapse. Syracuse just...zoned out.

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NCAA Basketball: Syracuse at Virginia Tech
Jan 10, 2017; Blacksburg, VA, USA; Virginia Tech guard Tyrie Jackson (1) reacts with Virginia Tech forward Zach LeDay (32) during a timeout in the second half against the Syracuse Orange at Cassell Coliseum.
Michael Shroyer-USA TODAY Sports

Remember when Buzz Williams copped to OCD, if self-diagnosed? It occurred to us after the Duke game that for a basketball coach, that might not be such a bad thing - professionally anyway.

Williams must be hell on video. As hard as anyone else works, being OCD must really help for game prep.

The Hokies were certainly ready for Duke and on Tuesday, they did something to Syracuse Jim Boeheim had never seen before:

"It wasn't the high-low. They were making the direct pass from the perimeter, which has never happened to us. The forwards were not covering. We just weren't in good position. Our center wasn't in good position...I think they forgot that we won two games in a row because our defense was good. Our defense was horrendous tonight.''

The Tylers, anyway, agreed.

Tyler Roberson: "The forwards weren't low enough. We were worried about their 3-point shooters at first and we were up way too high. That allows them to make the direct pass from the top of the key down low and it hurt us.''

Tyler Lydon: "They picked us apart. We had a lot mental lapses defensively. It's stuff that we've got to be better at this point in the season.''

By the way, this was VT’s first win over Syracuse since 1978. Holy crap.

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