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Al Featherston On Jeff Mullins, Duke Basketball’s First Olympian

1964 was a long time ago, but make no mistake: Mullins had game.

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Olympic logo Photo by Michael Dodge/Getty Images

Duke basketball has become so identified with the Krzyzewski era that people tend to forget there was basketball before Coach K arrived and redefined the sport at Duke.

But there was. There was the brief glory of 1978 and the Bill Foster era and before that, the brilliant Vic Bubas era in the 1960s.

Among Bubas’s greatest players was Jeff Mullins, who he somehow plucked out of Lexington, Kentucky.

Mullins was also Duke’s first Olympic basketball player (or coach), playing in the 1964 Tokyo games.

Al Featherston has a great piece up on Mullins over at which is definitely worth your time.

Mullins would’ve fit right into the K era. He was hugely talented and played both ends of the court.

He was also the first Blue Devil to play on an NBA championship team with the Warriors in 1975.