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Big 12 Candidates Make Their Cases For Expansion

You know the prime players but now ECU is in the game and Navy might like to be.

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Texas Tech v TCU Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

When the ACC Network was announced, the Big 12 immediately announced its intention to expand. And since there are very few seats left at the Power 5 table, schools are competing hard to get those spots.

Take ECU. The Pirates have gotten Gov. Pat. McCrory and Attorney General Roy Cooper, never the best of friends and Cooper would now like McCrory's job, but both agree that ECU would be fabulous in the Big 12.

They're only partly right - ECU could do reasonably well in football but would be a non-entity in basketball - but it's still striking. However the East Carolinian isn’t buying it.

Meanwhile, Memphis has FedEx founder and CEO Fred Smith making calls and now Justin Timberlake has jumped in too.

SMU is investing a lot of money in facilities and hopes that will impress the Big 12.

Even Navy’s local newspaper is making a push.

The Big 12 coaches would like to see BYU and Houston

Tim Brando thinks that with the ACC Network, Notre Dame will likely join the ACC, and sooner rather than later.

That would make 15 full-time members and Brando thinks that the ACC would then be interested in UConn.