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No Surprise - Cameron #1 ACC Barn

#2 did surprise us a bit though.

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NCAA Basketball: North Carolina at Duke
Mar 5, 2016; Durham, NC, USA; Duke Blue Devils guard Luke Kennard (5) is pulled back by assistant coach Jon Scheyer as he comes off the bench and reacts to a play in the second half of their game against the North Carolina Tar Heels at Cameron Indoor Stadium.
Mark Dolejs-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN ranked the ACC's arenas to see which were the toughest environments.

No surprise: Cameron is #1. Some surprise: UVA is #2. Louisville is #3 and UNC is #4. Syracuse rounds out the Top 5.

Lower than they should be: NC State (#9), Clemson (#11), Wake Forest (#13) and Georgia Tech (#14).

ESPN also says this: "Some of Duke's old-timers -- and by old-timers, I mean players from the 90s -- say the Cameron Crazies aren't what they used to be. And maybe they aren't as creative as the group that once threw Twinkies at Georgia Tech's Dennis Scott for being overweight or even produced Speedo Guy in 2003 -- he stripped down to his briefs and danced his way into North Carolina's Jackie Manuel's head at the free throw line."

There is some truth to that. Duke became Duke in the 1960s thanks to the genius of Vic Bubas. Bubas revolutionized recruiting during his time at Duke and he was a heck of a coach. But he also consciously tried to make Duke a tougher place to play - and succeeded.

However, Cameron didn't become Cameron as we know it until Duke had the post-Bubas blues in the early '70s. Duke wasn't beating anybody on the court so the students took out their frustrations on the opposing teams and coaches.

This was the era of "Dean Smith eats yellow snow" and forehead fuel gauges when Lefty Driesell came to town (they always pointed to empty).

The Crazies developed an edge that really annoyed people and there were no cheer sheets. It all came up spontaneously.

Well, between that and BOG and being able to buy booze at 18.

It's hard to maintain the edge the Crazies had then but would anyone seriously want to trade the winning?