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Recruiting: Tony Bennett Finds One Of His Guys

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Odds are Marco Anthony will fit Bennett’s system like a glove.

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NCAA Basketball: North Carolina State at Virginia
Feb 15, 2016; Charlottesville, VA, USA; Virginia Cavaliers head coach Tony Bennett gestures to his team from the sidelines against the North Carolina State Wolfpack in the second half at John Paul Jones Arena. The Cavaliers won 73-53.
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

It’s safe to say that Virginia’s Tony Bennett doesn’t really recruit like anyone else in the ACC. And in a sense, he really can’t.

Virginia’s system is fairly unique. Built around the pack line defense and a very patient offense, Tony Bennett needs a certain type of kid to fit in to his system. London Perrantes did. Malcolm Brogdon did. Anthony Gill did. Austin Nicholls will.

And new Virginia commit Marco Anthony probably will too.

Anthony is an under-the-radar kid out of San Antonio. He’s 6-5, seen as a three star prospect although Bob Gibbons told the Daily Progress that he’s better than that.

“He’s very athletic, strong, can play wing guard and small forward...He’s so athletic. He hasn’t had national exposure..I trust the judgment of Virginia’s staff. Apparently he’s what they felt like they needed. He’s very athletic and strong and can score.”

UVA only has one scholarship for 2017 so the staff obviously thinks highly of him.

As a side note, kids who grew up in North Carolina when Dean Smith was coaching knew how to fill lanes in pickup basketball. They also learned how to switch on defense, and Coach K taught everyone to call out those switches.

There’s a culture of basketball in the Triangle, in other words, and even rank amateurs understand relatively sophisticated principles.

So you have to think that growing up in San Antonio and watching the Spurs has taught a generation of kids in San Antonio the beauty of selfless team basketball.

Anthony should be a natural at UVA.