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K Camp: Day 5, Over And Out

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Joe Karpowicz, who lives in West Allis, Wisconsin, is attending Coach K’s Duke Basketball Camp for the fourth year in a row. Joe is writing a daily report for through June 30. Camp began Saturday and runs through Wednesday.

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The whole camp experience is much easier to participate in than explain. It is one of the coolest things I have ever done. Whether getting to play in Cameron, having Amile Jefferson or Quinn Cook reffing your game, seeing current players and incoming freshmen, and being part of the Duke team — that’s what Coach Chris Spatola told us we were on the first day — is a Duke fan’s delight. Just being in Cameron every day is special when you think about all the history on the court and all the banners in the rafters. The best college coach ever works in the best venue in the world.

The facilities we used were Cameron, Card Gym, Wilson Center and the Michael W. Krzyzewski Center — Dedicated to Academic & Athletic Excellence (K Center for short). Each day, we would eat lunch and dinner in the new Great Hall. Boarding campers also received breakfast. I was a day camper, so I never stayed in the dorms. My dad and I stayed at the Washington Duke Inn, which is essentially on campus. Classy place. You are greeted every time in and out the front doors. At night, you get a couple pieces of chocolate on your bed. What's better than that?

My team lost today. We were successful in Cameron, not so much at the other places. It makes me wish we played all of our games in Cameron.

Even though my team wasn’t the best, I did get the opportunity to work on my leadership skills. We were extremely young. I think over the five days I’ve learned a lot of what it takes to be a leader. You need to be vocal, lead by example and BRING ENERGY.

As I finish the interesting experience of writing for you DBR readers, I need to mention some people. I made friends in teammates Henderson, Nick and Chris. Thanks to Coach Mike Sotsky for all that he did for our team by encouraging us and helping us grow the three times he was with us. Without him, we may have not won a game. Coach Spatola was an entertaining speaker every day (by the way, he and his wife, Jamie, are running a camp in July. Check out

Thanks to Michael Karamardian for the difficult task of taking roll call every day and signing us out every night (sorry about forgetting to check out on the final day). In the Camp Office, Kevin Keckler helped me get in the third session of camp, so I owe a big thank you to him, too. Jamie Spatola and Kyle Mumma were in mission control with Kevin, making sure things ran smoothly. Thanks, too, Al Featherston, for talking college hoops with my dad and I and popping for lunch. Last, but not least, thanks to DBR for the opportunity to do this.

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