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Latest DBR Podcast Posted!

Good stuff from our podcast crew as usual. Enjoy!

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Taylor Weidman/Getty Images

Here's the latest DBR podcast where the crew talks mostly about Duke and NBA stuff.

Here's the breakdown.

  • 0:10 - Accidental intro where we talk about Sam's mandolin play
  • 0:55 - We actually start, for real, and we continue talking about Sam's mandolin as well as what else we have been up to.
  • 5:00 - Why has it taken us so long to do a podcast? We blame John Scheyer!
  • 9:10 - We finally talk about something real! The NBA Draft, though we start with the Dukie who went undrafted, MP3!
  • 16:10 "Hey, lets talk about Brandon Ingram!" (We end up mostly just talking about the Lakers).
  • 26:00 Other draft notes, Donald loves Henry Ellenson and Silent G in Detroit.
  • 27:45 Jason is flabbergasted that Cat Barber was undrafted
  • 30:30 More NBA, this time we talk about Kyrie winning a NBA title
  • 35:50 We wax poetic on how great Lebron was
  • 39:30 We forgot about Dhantay Jones?!?!?!!
  • 41:30 We talk about the Olympics and Jason goes on a Harrison Barnes rant
  • 50:00 Donald with a shout out to Lindsay Harding, Belorussian basketball Olympian!
  • 52:10 A look at Duke's 2016-17 roster. We are going to eat worlds!
  • 58:30 Parting shots - Jason wished Derryck Thornton well, Sam shouts out to his reunion class, and Donald talks about fireworks
  • 1:01:40 Goodbye and Duke band
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