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Duke Basketball Camp Diary: Day 3

Joe Karpowicz, who lives in West Allis, Wisconsin, is attending Coach K’s Duke Basketball Camp for the fourth year in a row. Joe is writing a daily report for through June 30. Camp began Saturday and runs through Wednesday. Note - we're out of sequence somewhere so we're going with Joe's reckoning. So this is the second Day 3.

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It wasn't this rough at Duke basketball camp but it's not necessarily easy all the time either.
It wasn't this rough at Duke basketball camp but it's not necessarily easy all the time either.
Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Since our games aren't going real well (we’re the Celtics, and we could use some four-leaf clovers), I'm going to tell you about what we do when we don't have drills, games or lectures.

There is usually a solid amount of time between lunch and when we start the afternoon. Everybody plays once before lunch (10:15, 10:50, 11:25 or noon). Some of the guys will have more time than others to just goof around and walk around campus because the players in the earlier games can eat lunch starting at 11:05. Some of the older kids will go back to their dorms and rest up.

Contests began Sunday and it started with free throws. I practice free throws all the time back home because I get fouled a lot. I have not had much success in this contest and this year wasn’t any different. I missed my first shot and, unfortunately, it’s sudden death, so I was out.

Monday, we had the three-point contest. Being a big man, I tend too try and shoot mid-range jumpers and stay around the paint. Once again, I missed my first shot and was out right away.

During free time, we are allowed to work on basic skills, such as shooting, ball handling and defense. A couple times each year, the coaches play a game against some of the older campers during free time. I tend to watch those games because it's really cool to see former Duke players like Nolan Smith and Ricky Price play right in front of me.

Last year, some of my camp buddies and I decided to try and take our chances and play the coaches. We got shut out and the one post move I tried making was swatted away by Ricky Price. After that I just felt it was best to watch.

Today is the day we get to take our team photos with Coach K and five if his good friends — the national championship trophies. I’m pretty sure this started last year. I hope I will have the chance to ask Coach K how to be a better leader.

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