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Recruiting: Duke Offers Quade Green

Duke is hitting the PSA Cardinals pretty hard.

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Coach K has his eye on another point guard.
Coach K has his eye on another point guard.
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

On Tuesday, Duke offered Philly point guard Quade Green. According to, he's the third member of the PSA Cardinals to be offered by Duke (joining 7-0 Mohamed Bamba and 6-9 Deng Gak).

Of course given the way things have gone lately, Kentucky is pursuing him as well.

Here's an article from the Lexington paper about how recruits view the rivalry between Duke and UK.

And naturally, both teams have offered LeBron James, Jr. - now 11 - though in Duke's case it may reflect the relationship between King James and Coach K as much as it does Jr.'s already impressive talent (people have been talking for awhile. It's still very early but he does appear to have inherited a good bit of his dad's ability).

Okay, one more Duke-Kentucky link, this one a bit puzzling: turns out that four people in Perry County, Kentucky, have been indicted for counterfeit tickets, including tickets to Duke games.

Now this is really interesting on multiple levels.

First, you actually got a Kentucky Grand Jury to support Duke in some meaningful way.

Second, that Kentucky folk were allegedly printing Duke tickets. Wouldn't it be fun to have been a fly on the wall when that decision was made?

"AC-DC? Hell yeah! Michigan State basketball? No, no, I got it - let's screw Duke! Hahahaha!"

You'd think there would be a big demand for fake Kentucky tickets, but as Boswell learned in Hawaii a long time, that's not a new game (after the scam was discovered, Mrs. Boswell, who was between the ticket office and UK fans who had bogus tickets but a sudden chance at legitimate tickets, was trampled a la the Who Concert in Cincinnati in 1979).

And third, why would anyone do this out of Perry County? It's a pretty isolated place in the mountains. Until a railroad came in in 1912, it was a two-week trip by land to get to the county seat of Hazard.

It's a pretty economically depressed bit of coal country, which has really suffered with the decline of the industry. Spotting someone running a mail-order counterfeit business out of a place like that must be pretty easy to spot.

Digital too.

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