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Duke Basketball Recruiting: Some DeLaurier Video

This guy is going to be hard to keep off the court.

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Duke fans are going to like what Javier DeLaurier brings to Duke.
Duke fans are going to like what Javier DeLaurier brings to Duke.
Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

As we've said lately, you can never tell how recruits are going to work out. Some guys peak early, some guys are simply overrated, sometimes injuries intervene.

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And sometimes you just don't know how good someone is.

We used to call them sleepers. Now recruiting is 24/7 and it's hard to really come out of nowhere. Tim Duncan did it.

Since then? Most everyone has been in AAU competition all over the country.

We can still get surprised - take Grayson Allen's star turn in the Final Four.

Duke fans had a pretty good idea of his talent, but he hadn't shown it outside of Cameron early in the season.

So what to make of a guy like Javin DeLaurier?

First, you can reasonably assume that he's not scared of competition because beating out Amile Jefferson, Harry Giles and Jayson Tatum won't be easy.

Still, we wouldn't bet against him.

As you can see in this mixtape, DeLaurier has a bouncy athleticism and he's aggressive. The aggressiveness will go over well with Duke's coaches.

Like a lot of mix tapes, this one focuses heavily on dunks, much more so than general skills.

Still, you can see some critical things here.

First, DeLaurier is not a guy who will take a couple of years to mature. He's ahead of the curve in that regard. Second, as we said, he's aggressive. Third, he has a certain intensity. And fourth, he likes the parts of the game that aren't so easy - rebounding, defense, shotblocking and so on.

There will come a time when someone for Duke, mostly likely a young player,  either isn't quite getting the message or just didn't play well.

When Coach K looks down the bench for an alert, aggressive player who will roll his sleeves up, when he wants to send a message to the more celebrated players, he's going to call on DeLaurier.

And once he gets his chance, given what we see here and what we already know about him,  you can expect him to stake a claim.