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ACC Roundup - State May Suffer A Critical Late Loss If Abu Leaves

If he leaves the Pack is basically down to Beejay Anya and guards.

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Malik-Abdul Abu, shown here defending against Duke's Brandon Ingram, could leave State in a real pickle.
Malik-Abdul Abu, shown here defending against Duke's Brandon Ingram, could leave State in a real pickle.
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

It's been a rough off-season for the Wolfpack.

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First, Cat Barber declared for the NBA. It wasn't a big surprise but it's a hit.

Second, the Martin twins announced they'd be transferring and that was a hit.

Abdul-Malik Abu and for some reason Beejay Anya put their names in the draft though the odds of either being drafted right now are slim.

And now ESPN reports that whether he stays in the draft or not, Abu may not be back with the Pack.

There's no explanation but it's bad news for State and doesn't really make sense from the outside. Abu would be a very critical player next season. He could really make his name.

Instead he's going to sit out a year and wait that much longer?

Toss in the two reassigned coaches and things look pretty unstable.

In fairness, Rob Moxley was moved partly because of his significant health scare last year - he is diabetic and nearly died.

For him it's smart, possibly unavoidable.

For Bobby Lutz? Who knows?

The new hires are probably going to be helpful. Butch Pierre is an outstanding recruiter while Heath Schroyer has head coaching experience.

But there's no escaping the sense of instability.

And whatever rumors may be out amongst the fans, you can be sure that coaches around the country have heard them as well (we haven't, we're just making a point here. Stick with it for a minute).

That would include young Archie at Dayton. Archie Miller has turned down quite a few jobs but his alma mater? We think that would be hard for him to say no to.

Brett Strelow asks the question: how does UNC avoid a high transfer rate?

Roy Williams responds: "Why we've had that success, I think it speaks a great deal about Kansas and about North Carolina, as a school, too, that they enjoy where they are in school."

Calling it school might be a bit of a stretch after recent events, but suggesting they enjoy it? Why not? Who was the last player to flunk out of UNC?

Go ahead, think about it. We can wait.

Man, Virginia Tech...just give them a hint of success and they start jacking rates up.

FSU got a break when Xavier Rathan-Mayes pulled out of the draft. Didn't threaten a transfer either. He'll help a lot.

Here's a look at the NBA chances for Louisville's Chinanu Onuaku. Odds are he's one of those guys who would benefit from more time in college like, say, Abu.