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ACC Roundup

The bottom of the league kicks off league play. Could anyone get on a roll?

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BC's Dennis Clifford is an under-appreciated ACC player. He's worthy of respect from everyone.
BC's Dennis Clifford is an under-appreciated ACC player. He's worthy of respect from everyone.
Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

The ACC Tournament starts on Tuesday for Florida State, BC, Wake Forest and NC State. So aside from having to win five games in five days, it has to be done on three day's rest.

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Any of these teams - including BC - might win Tuesday and possibly Wednesday. But after that? Pretty nearly impossible.

The team to watch out of this group is probably FSU. The 'Noles are talented, if young, and have some depth. And they're playing well. And critically, they're confident.

Somehow though we just can't shake this feeling about BC. The Eagles gave UNC a gret game in Boston of course. They nearly took Georgia Tech and lost to State on a beautiful last-second shot by Maverick Rowan.

Yes they're 0-18, but they're capable. And as young as they are, Florida State is young too - and turnover prone. We'll see.

NC State has the distraction of Cat Barber's announcement that he'll explore his NBA potential. Of course he will. But couldn't he have waited a day or two?

He's not currently seen by many as a first-round pick but if he plays next to Dennis Smith next year, Barber could be nearly unstoppable.

Tournament play is always unpredictable and one part of us is relly thinking BC could do it, but for now, we'll go with FSU and NC State. Wake has more talent, but that team has really struggled.

Is there any chance Notre Dame could repeat? Seems unlikely, but that team knows what it takes.

We've developed a certain respect for the Daily Tar Heel, not least of all because of all the people at UNC who could have been honest and straightforward about the scandal, the only people who have been, with the exception of some faculty members, are the kids at the paper.

So we understand what they meant in this article about Duke and UNC making each other better. However, a central point was missed, which is that the teams spent at least 18 years (we expect it's more) competing on unequal terms since UNC pushed athletes through fraudulent classes.

It's hard for either side to make the other better when one is cheating its ass off.