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Latest Podcast Posted!

Just in time for the ACC Tournament.

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Folks can't wait for another DBR Podcast!
Folks can't wait for another DBR Podcast!
Mark Dolejs-USA TODAY Sports

Here's the latest from the DBR Podcast crew. Lots of good stuff this time so enjoy!

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  • 0:11 Intros
  • 0:37 Jason tells us where he is this week
  • 1:58 We break down the loss to UNC; Jason starts with rebounding and free throws
  • 5:30 Sam discusses Ingram’s foul trouble
  • 8:15 Donald talks about shooting and UNC’s key baskets
  • 10:43 Jack White commits to Duke (Aussie Aussie Aussie! Oy oy oy!)
  • 14:43 Amile Jefferson out for the year; Sam discusses his medical redshirt and effect on this year and next year
  • 15:34 Jason talks about next year’s team; future is bright!
  • 17:49 Donald talks about Amile’s leadership being the most important for next year’s team
  • 20:00 ACC Tourney preview; Donald the "Master of Ceremonies" this week at the Verizon Center
  • 28:23 Player of the week nods
  • 30:30 Sam merges Player of the Week with Parting Shots - talks about Marshall’s senior speech
  • 31:49 Jason shouts out the ACC teams/awards of the year
  • 35:15 Donald thanks our podcast fans who find us in real life!
  • 37:10 We’re done, Duke Band signs us off