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Pete Thamel Takes A Shot At The Coaching Carousel

But some of his suggestions are baffling.

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Pete Thamel is an excellent sportswriter and he gets bonus points for irritating Kentucky fans, but some of his suggestions for possible coaching hires when the Coaching Carousel are a bit, uh, surprising.

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To wit: Herb Sendek. The Herbster has washed out at NC State and Arizona State. So why list him at Georgia Tech? TCU, okay, but another ACC team? Not a chance. He can keep his day-tight compartments to himself.

We also think he underestimates the attractiveness of the job. Buzzless perhaps, but Georgia has cranked out a ton of talent lately. If you're reasonably good with X's and O's, you can really stock your roster.  It's not what it is, it's what it could be. Archie Miller, take note.

And would Bruce Pearl really leave an SEC team for Memphis? Granted, it's a basketball school but the money is flowing to the SEC. Doesn't make sense to us.

And if Stacey Augmon, who is at least an assistant coach isn't good enough for UNLV, why would Memphis take a chance on Penny Hardaway, whose coaching experience we believe is limited to being an interim coach at Lester Middle School?