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Duke Makes It Official: Jefferson Will Seek Redshirt

His foot is still not fully healed.

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Amile Jefferson in action against Indiana.
Amile Jefferson in action against Indiana.
Mark Dolejs-USA TODAY Sports

Although it was somewhat anti-climactic, before the UNC game Saturday, Duke announced that Amile Jefferson would not be back this year and that he will apply for a redshirt, which he should get. As we understand, he qualifies.

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Although you can't possibly know, not least of all because other players grew so in his absence, it's tempting to wonder what games Duke might have won had Jefferson been available.

Utah? Almost certainly. Clemson?Notre Dame? Syracuse? Those games were all very close.

Not that it matters, but it's interesting to think about. With those games, Duke would be 26-5 and 14-4 in the ACC.