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New DBR Podcast Ready!

And just in time for Saturday's big game.

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Everyone is jacked up for the UNC game.
Everyone is jacked up for the UNC game.
Grant Halverson/Getty Images

Here's our latest DBR podcast, just in time to get ready for the Carolina game. Enjoy!

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  • Introductions and we discuss our beverage sponsors
  • 2:00 Impressions of the FSU, Wake, and Pitt games
  • 5:00 Sam and Jason agree that Duke’s energy reserves were pretty much empty against Pitt
  • 7:55 Time for us to praise MP3, he of the 17 boards against Wake
  • 10:15 Jason talks about the lack of rebounding against Pitt
  • 11:30 Time for trip-gate. We all agree that Grayson made a mistake, but we also agree that there was a major overreaction by the media
  • 16:30 Donald tells it like it is… it really feels like he is talking about irrational hate on white guys, doesn’t it?
  • 18:40 Jason goes on a ESPN rant which concludes with a theory about how all this silliness impacts Grayson’s basketball future
  • 26:30 Time to preview the ACC race
  • 28:45 Donald talks about the battle with UNC… guess what he talks about? Rebounding! Meanwhile, Sam says the reality is that UNC is better than Duke.
  • 34:50 Should Amile redshirt or not? Some of us have changed our minds. Sam is especially poignant thinking about what Amile would have meant to this year’s team
  • 40:20 A quick note on how Amile impacts Duke’s recruiting
  • 42:05 Jason plays the "what seed will Duke get in the NCAA tourney?" game
  • 46:35 Player of the week time
  • 48:30 Sam’s is off the bubble! He has scored NCAA tourney tickets
  • 49:00 Donald gives us a peek at his visit to Denver
  • 51:05 Jason’s parting shot surrounds the number 229
  • 54:15 Jason’s other parting shot number is 38.4, can you guess what he is talking about? Steph!!!!!
  • 1:00:00 Good bye!!