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ACC Roundup - Dikembe's Nephew Arrives Next Year

He's not the same sort of player but it's still pretty cool.

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Miami and Virginia have both obviously had outstanding years.  Joe Boozell argues that one key for both teams is drastically improved point guard play.

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For Bennett, however, the best thing about his season is this: "The joy and the celebration for me, and I believe our guys, is in playing well. It’s playing at a high level. If you ask any player of any good team, that’s the joy, that you can play well in different settings.

"The accomplishments or the things that you get, OK, that’s nice at some point, maybe you look back on it. It’s learning from the success. Last year we lived off our success. This year we’ve lost some tough ones, and [the players] haven’t made excuses. They’ve just showed up and played and realized it’s worth the fight. That’s what I’ve liked to see from them."

Syracuse is cutting it pretty close this year, but bracketologist Patrick Stevens thinks if the Orange beats FSU Saturday, that should get them in.

Dikembe Mutombo was one of the most imposing defensive players in basketball history and now his nephew is ACC-bound: Mfiondu Kabengele, 6-8, will play for Leonard Hamilton at Florida State.

Here's the required mixtape.