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DBR's Saturday NCAA Picks

Here goes nothing.

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Okay! After Friday's miscues, here come Saturday's fiascos.

  1. Everyone is picking Wichita State over Miami but we'll stick with the 'Canes. They've been through hell already.
  2. Duke over Yale. We don't bet against Duke.
  3. Indiana over Kentucky. Experience and a thwarted rivalry favor the Hoosiers. And that's a very talented team, too.
  4. Iowa State over UALR. Lots of talent on the floor for the Cyclones.
  5. Virginia over Butler. Wow, what a snoozefest. Halftime score may be 13-8.
  6. UConn over Kansas. Someone has to be crazy enough to take that.
  7. Gonzaga over Utah. Just a hunch.
  8. Providence over Carolina. Why? Because even now, UNC tends to run hot and cold and PC has a pair of great players.