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Okay, Everyone Hates Duke. But What's The Point In Hating Yale?

This kind of came out of left field.

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Yale's no joke, as Amile Jefferson learned earlier this season.
Yale's no joke, as Amile Jefferson learned earlier this season.
Grant Halverson/Getty Images

As you know, Yale "upset" Baylor Thursday to set up a rematch with Duke.

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Because Duke might play the winner, we bit our tongue, but since Baylor is out we don't mind telling you that we think of the Bears as Team Stupid.

It lived up to that on Thursday, unable to get off a final shot to win. But it was more than that, as it usually is with Baylor. It's pretty predictable at this point. Bet on Baylor at your own peril.

However you can't take anything away from Yale. Somehow this has become a very good team.

It's no accident Yale won and should be no surprise. They're really good - and remember their point guard is no longer with the team. They've adjusted nicely (Yale is 9-1 without him).

We're used to Duke being the school that gets under everyone's skin, but why are people picking on Yale now too? This match is being called "annoying" (don't watch, idiot), "the worst" game possible and many other things besides. Memes are everywhere.

Whatever as far as Duke goes. Duke people don't care anymore and as the guys from Vegas immortally said, it ain't the winning, it's the collecting.

That's the finest piece of Mafia folk wisdom in sports today.  Duke's done plenty of collecting.

But why bash Yale? They belong. In case you hadn't noticed, the day of the plucky little Ivy frightening a higher seed through a combination of immense patience, intelligence, precision and cunning, only to lose in the end, is over.

Yale may not be done, either. They gave Duke a heck of a game in Cameron this year, and that was with Amile Jefferson.

Well, here's some free advice, Yale: beat Duke and all will be forgiven. You'll be embraced like no other collection of nerds and Whiffenpoofs around.