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Brackets Revealed: Duke #4 In West, Opens With UNC-Wilmington

We'll have more on the brackets later but the big surprise is Syracuse is in. The ACC got UNC, Virginia, Duke, Miami, Pitt, Notre Dame and Syracuse. Expect controversy.

Duke owns this one. Who's next?
Duke owns this one. Who's next?
Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

And now...the answers!

West Regional:

  • #1 Oregon gets the winner of #16 play-in game between Southern and Holy Cross.
  • #8 St. Joe's gets #9 Cincinnati.
  • #5 Baylor gets #12 Yale
  • #4 DUKE. The Blue Devils will get UNC-Wilmington. We'd rather have Friday-Sunday but at least there is time to rest, which Duke needs. The CBS crew is overplaying how challenging Baylor will be for Duke. Duke had limited players in 2010 and still won against a much more talented Baylor squad.
  • #2 Oklahoma will #15 play Cal State Bakersfield. People forget, but Bakersfield has a huge basketball tradition from D-II. l
  • #7 Oregon State. Wayne Tinkle is an outstanding coach. Don't forget it. Oregon State gets  #10 VCU.
  • #3 will be Texas A&M. They'll get #14 Green Bay.
  • #6 Texas gets #11 Northern Iowa.

Midwest Regional:

  • #1 Virginia gets Hampton
  • #8 Texas Tech gets #9 Butler in this year's Stubborn Bowl. Unless Virginia and Butler both win. That could bring in the 10 second shot clock.
  • #5 Purdue gets #12 Little Rock.
  • #4 Iowa State gets #13 Iona. We'd be wary. Iona is pretty tough.
  • #2 Michigan State opens with #15 Middle Tennessee.  If the seeds win out, we'll get a rematch between Virginia and Michigan State.
  • #7 Dayton gets #10 Syracuse. The ACC got lucky with this one.
  • #3 Utah gets #14 Fresno State. That should be fun.
  • #6 Seton Hall will play #11 Gonzaga.

East Regional:

  • #1 UNC will open with either Florida Gulf Coast or Fairleigh Dickinson. Neither stands a snowball's chance in Cameron.
  • #8 is USC and they get #9 Providence. I'd say that's a tough second-round game for UNC no matter which team wins.
  • #5 Indiana faces UT-Chattanooga. There's a potential upset.
  • #4 Kentucky will devour #13 Stony Brook.
  • #2 is Xavier, a Jay Bilas favorite. They'll get Weber State in St. Louis.
  • #7 Wisconsin is hot. The Badgers will play #10 Pitt.
  • #3 is West Virginia and they'll play Stephen F. Austin. Not our first choice frankly.
  • #6 Notre Dame gets either Michigan or Tulsa at the #11 play-in.

That's three ACC teams in the East.

    South regional:
  • #1 Kansas opens with #16 Austin Peay. In the 1970s, when Fly Williams was there, Austin Peay had a legendary cheer: the Fly's wide open! Let's Go Peay! They'll have to be really wide open to pull this off.
  • #8 Colorado will play #9 UConn. The Huskies barely snuck in, but they're in.
  • #5 Maryland will get #12  South Dakota State. No upset there, right? We really thought the NCAA would shoehorn a rematch between Rasheed Sulaimon and Duke.
  • #4 Cal plays #13  Hawaii. That's one of those schools we have to learn more about.
  • #2 will be Villanova, another almost-1 seed.  And they get #15 Asheville.
  • #7 Iowa has been slumping. Can the Hawkeyes take #10 Temple?
  • #3 Miami gets #14 Buffalo. We wouldn't be thrilled with that frankly. Buffalo has shown a lot of toughness the last two years.
  • #6 is Arizona and they get the play-in winner between Wichita and Vandy. Gregg Marshall would love to beat the pretty boy out of Vandy.