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Latest DBR Podcast Posted!

With yet another special guest.

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Jimmy V Classic
Jayson Tatum waits to check in vs. Florida. The force is strong with this one.
Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

The latest DBR podcast is up! Former ESPN and current Bleacher Report’s Jordan Brenner drops by to talk hoops with the crew. Hit the link to check out his Twitter feed - he says to drop by any old time.

You can find the podcast here.

  • 0:00 Jason and Sam are here, but where is Donald?
  • 1:00 In Donald’s place, we are joined by Bleacher Report’s Jordan Brenner, former of ESPN The Magazine
  • 2:15 Recap of the Florida victory, starting with Jordan who was at the game
  • 3:50 Sam says the most impressive player on the floor was Amile Jefferson
  • 6:00 Jordan talks about Duke’s depth and what he saw from the big men when he visited with the team during preseason practices
  • 10:00 Jason and Jordan start talking about PGs and Duke’s ability to move the ball
  • 19:50 Jordan has a warning, the team D needs to get better
  • 23:55 Let’s reflect on the Michigan St game, and the greatness that was Matt Jones’ D
  • 27:55 Jason marvels at how we got to 7-1 with only 6 players
  • 30:45 Why are we talking about the Maine game? Because it was our fist look at Tatum and Bolden!
  • 34:05 Jordan says Luke Kennard is, “pretty good at basketball.”
  • 35:00 UNLV preview. This is not the UNLV of the past.
  • 40:35 Jason interviews Jordan. First question – how is the sausage made?
  • 43:20 Jordan riffs on the notion of paying athletes, but he can’t really decide how to fix the broken system
  • 48:30 Jason and Jordan talk about the reality of players being paid under the table
  • 55:00 Jordan talks about his Giant Killer project at ESPN and how to figure out who is going to bust your bracket in March
  • 1:00:40 Player of the week… you only have 2 choices!
  • 1:05:30 Parting Shot – Sam loves to party with Dukies, Jordan actually wants to do this with us again some time, and Jason marvels at Klay Thompson

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