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Latest DBR Podcast Posted!

Get it while it’s hot!

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Grand Canyon v Duke
A new DBR podcast makes everyone want to celebrate
Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

Here’s our latest DBR podcast! Good stuff as usual from the DBR podcast crew:

  • 0:00 Welcome to the ACC Preview Pod… featuring Donald educating us about Kujichagulia
  • 3:40 Preview #1 – Sam looks at Duke vs. Virginia Tech, there’s a real chance Duke could lose this game
  • 14:10 Preview #2 – Jason on Ga Tech, a team that really needs more talent
  • 18:25 Jason goes off-topic to talk about high school recruiting in the state of Georgia
  • 24:00 A discussion of whether Grayson will come back for the Ga Tech game ensues
  • 26:05 Preview #3 – Donald on BC, the trainwreck of the ACC
  • 32:20 Biggest surprises and disappointments in the ACC thus far, it all begins with Jason being really impressed with Notre Dame
  • 38:00 Sam has fun with some stats on Virginia’s defense
  • 44:35 Donald’s surprise is how good almost everyone in the ACC is (except for the bottom few teams) and he can’t help but love on the Miami Hurricanes
  • 48:50 Thoughts on Duke’s non-conference performance – MVPs thus far: Sam and Jason say Amile while Donald picks Luke
  • 55:50 Donald surprises us by asking for Duke’s best game of the year thus far. The one thing we agree upon is that our best game is still to come!
  • 1:01:00 Good bye and Happy New Year!

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