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Well This Is A Surprise

Didn’t see this coming

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NCAA Basketball: Final Four-Championship Game-Wisconsin vs Duke
Apr 6, 2015; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Duke Blue Devils guard Grayson Allen (3) and Wisconsin Badgers guard Traevon Jackson (12) go after the ball in the 2015 NCAA Men's Division I Championship game at Lucas Oil Stadium. Duke won 68-63. 
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

We have never had much use for Gregg Doyel. He used to write for the Charlotte paper, then CBS before moving on to the Indianapolis Star.

He struck us as self-involved and mean to the point of bullying. This peaked out at CBSSports where his mean streak had free rein.

His self-regard is still considerable, but he does seem have gained some self-awareness and at least a modicum of humility.

And for the first time we can remember, a bit of compassion for someone at Duke.

Doyel wrote an interesting article about Grayson Allen’s situation. In typical Doyel fashion it’s as much about him as it is about Allen - but he’s relevant for a change.

Doyel talks about his own problems with anger and impulse control - he tells a tale of beating his head against a tree - and how he came to terms with it. He suspects that’s Grayson’s issue as well.

Is it?

We don’t know.

For that matter, whatever we may think, or Doyel for that matter, none of us know what Grayson may be dealing with beyond a simple disciplinary issue. We have said we think he may be and urged people to not pile on in case he is.

Doyel’s comments are worth considering, as are what Al Featherston had to say here as well. And Coach K’s public comments are a bit different from things he’s said about other players in the past.

We’re not asking anyone to overlook the tripping. We’re not saying that we have inside knowledge either because we don’t.

We’re just asking you to consider that there may be more to it than seems immediately obvious.

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