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New DBR Podcast Is Up!

The DBR Podcast Crew looks at the last two games, Grayson Allen and team chemistry.

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NCAA Basketball: Duke at Elon University
Dec 21, 2016; Greensboro, NC, USA; Duke Blue Devils guard Matt Jones (13) stands on the court in the first half against the Elon Phoenix at Greensboro Coliseum. Duke defeated Elon 72-61. 
Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

The latest DBR Podcast is up! Here’s what we have for you.

  • 0:10 Welcome! Sam, Donald, and Jason have a Christmas gift for you… a new podcast!
  • 2:15 Donald attended the Tenn. St game and gives us a quick review of some of the changes Cameron has undergone recently
  • 5:00 Time to quickly talk about the actual games against Tenn State and Elon, two games where the post-exam malaise really stood out
  • 8:50 We continue to avoid talking about Grayson Allen, but still express real concerns about team chemistry. Luke Kennard’s post-Elon game comments scare the heck out of us
  • 11:30 Jason is worried… are we cursed? How can we be this good and yet this worried?
  • 15:45 Sam says it is time to talk about Grayson Allen! Did we really procrastinate for 15 minutes before we got to this?
  • 18:45 Donald says the media deserves more than a little bit of blame for blowing this out of proportion
  • 21:45 Jason talks about Grayson’s reaction on the bench and that Grayson knew at that moment how much he had just lost and how this tripping incident will stick with him FOREVER!
  • 28:00 We all feel K was right to impose an “indefinite suspension” and we hope the team will come together and bond over their collective struggles
  • 37:20 Amateur psychiatrist time… we think the “phantom foul” controversy may have caused Grayson to boil over against Elon
  • 43:40 Time for UNC and the latest on the cheating scandal. 24 words have sealed Carolina’s fate
  • 51:25 We can’t believe the hubris of the UNC AD for his pathetic defense and Jason just rips him, “Bubba Cunningham, have you no shame?!?!?!”
  • 53:45 Donald can’t believe how long this whole thing is taking and feels it is so unfair to current Carolina students and players who will bear the brunt of this punishment
  • 59:30 Jason says harsh penalties are coming and Donald says UNC is going to sue the NCAA
  • 1:04:00 Time to wrap things up with Christmas presents for the Duke team. Jason gifts health to the team, Donald’s present is Luke Kennard continuing to shoot lights out all season long, and Sam’s gift is a massive blow out of Virginia Tech to set the tone for the ACC season
  • 1:08:15 Jason brings it all full circle, he reflects on the last time it felt like Duke was cursed… and how that season turned out
  • 1:10:05 Sam says good bye as the Duke band plays us out

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