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Revised NOA Puts UNC Basketball And Football Back In The NCAA Crosshairs

The NCAA apparently isn’t going to let this go as easily as it appeared previously.

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NCAA Football: Duke at North Carolina
UNC A.D. Bubba Cunningham
Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

The revised (again) NOA the NCAA delivered to UNC reels the football and basketball teams back into danger of meaningful penalties.

It also aims directly at former AFAM chair Julius Nyang’oro and his former assistant Deborah Crowder, alleging that “the institution and its athletics department leveraged the relationship with Crowder and Nyang’oro to obtain special arrangements for student-athletes in violation of extra-benefit legislation.”

This could mean significant penalties for both sports.

Needless to say, UNC is outraged and vowing to fight, but for what? To preserve the gains football and basketball made while cheating?

It’s past time for UNC to just stop all of this, show some humility and grace, and get this behind them.

Roy Williams said after the Northern Iowa game that he hoped it would be over before he retired but that now he hoped it would be over before he was dead.

Well, coach, talk to your bosses because UNC is as responsible as anyone for this circus.

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