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UNC Gets Yet Another NOA

We know about the allegations...what is the NCAA going to do about it?

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NCAA Football: Pittsburgh at North Carolina
UNC should be feeling sheepish about its scandal but there’s been very little shame.
Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

UNC got a third Notice of Allegations from the NCAA, which we presume means it has been amended yet again.

It also means that UNC will have another 90 days to respond which pushes it back to, oh, tournament time.

The NOA has not been publicly released but we have learned to read between the lines when we read stories about various things. So we don’t know exactly why the N&O’s Dan Kane said this: But in April, the NCAA filed a second notice that dropped the impermissible benefits charge while adding a failure to monitor charge, claiming UNC academic and athletic officials should have caught the scandal. The second notice also no longer mentioned football and men’s basketball, suggesting to some that those programs were no longer in serious trouble.

Yeah, that’s our bold.

Anyway, we always find those sort of comments in a story intriguing. That was the general consensus, but is Kane suggesting that things may have changed yet again?

One of the real frustrations reporters have - and we’re not saying this is the case here, this is a general comment because it’s not like Kane calls us up to tell us this stuff - is that sometimes you know stuff you can’t yet confirm so you shade your story a bit.

That’s what has us wondering here. Does he know something he can’t yet say?


Not that it matters in this context but we just got a news flash saying the N&O bought the Durham paper from those yahoos in Kentucky.

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