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Duke-UNC Tickets Are Going To Cost A Lot This Year

Well at least in Cameron anyway

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North Carolina v Duke Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Despite injuries, Duke has shown that it has the weapons to be unbelievably good this year, not least of all on offense.

UNC is looking pretty good too, which leads to a lot of excitement among fans.

We’re used to Duke-UNC tickets going for big money - we’ve had auctions fetch $5,000 - but this year may be off the charts.

Over on Stubhub, prices are up to $6,500, with one guy asking $17,000.

Well that’s in Cameron.

Tickets in Chapel Hill start at $405.

The law of supply and demand kicks in of course: The Smith center seats a lot more people than Cameron does.

Still, if you stripped out the current ticket holders of both gyms, which would be a bigger draw?

There’s no question that Cameron has a mystique that the Dean Dome can’t touch. Carmichael could, but the Dean Dome is so placid that UNC was once caught piping crowd noise into the radio broadcast. You can hear sneakers in a UNC game. Even in an exhibition game you’d never, ever hear that in Cameron.

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