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ACC Roundup - Wake’s Bizarre Scandal

Well at least it’s a refreshing change from academic fraud.

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Adidas Eurocamp 2015 - Day Two
NC State is about to add Omer Yurtseven to the roster, and he could be a major factor for the Pack.
Photo by Roberto Serra/Iguana Press/Getty Images

In Tuesday’s only ACC game, Clemson handled SC State with ease, 93-65. Jaron Blossomgame shot 10-16 and finished with 29 points.

Amazingly, given Clemson’s offensive proclivities the last several years, the Tigers took 80 shots. Brad Brownell probably asked the trainer for smelling salts.

Ok enough of that; on to the scandal du jour!

What the hell is happening with Wake Forest football?

Radio color man Tommy Elrod, who played and coached football at Wake Forest, is allegedly the guy who gave Louisville Wake’s game plan - and according to the university, it wasn’t the first time either.

Wake Forest believes he’s been doing it since 2014.

But why?

Is it a money thing?

Could be.

Could it be a desire for payback after not being retained as a coach when Dave Clawson took over?

That could be too.

It’s fairly astounding though, if Wake has it right. He was a quarterback, a coach and lately a radio man. He’s been a Demon Deacon for years. Why would he do what he stands accused of?

It’s really difficult to suss out his motives.

A more interesting question is: what exactly happened at Louisville? Who knew?

Louisville said this: Bobby Petrino "doesn't have a comment in what appears to be a Wake Forest issue."

Well it would be if Elrod hadn’t GIVEN THE PLAYBOOK TO LOUISVILLE. Somebody took it. Who did and who knew?

Given what we know about Petrino’s history, we’re not buying his denial on face value.

In fact, given his track record, in our opinion, the onus is on him to prove his innocence.

We’d be interested to know the other schools involved who Elrod allegedly gave info to.

The nicknames so far are great too. The Winston-Salem Journal is calling WakeyLeaks - not bad. But the Greensboro News & Record is calling it the Leakin’ Deacon and that’s just about immortal.

Three big roster additions are about to happen: After a long wait, State will get Turkish big man Omer Yurtseven on December 15th vs. Appalachian State.

Clemson will soon get Elijah Thomas, a sophomore transfer from Texas A&M (he was a Top 50 recruit out of high school). He’ll play for Clemson on the 18th vs. Alabama.

And of course Duke is expected to see Harry Giles on the court on the 19th.

Kind of a unique week when you think about it.

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