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Inside Out Shooting

Or maybe outside in?

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NCAA Basketball: Ohio State at Virginia
The face Kyle Guy makes whenever you mention Zippy the Pinhead
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Now here’s a statistical anomaly you don’t see every day. Or, at the very least, that you don’t notice. Once you do, it’s hard to forget.

Sure, it’s early, the season barely a month old. But this one is worth heeding at any time.

Chances are, some of these players will turn around their fortunes as the year progresses, if only because they’ll take more shots and make more 2-pointers.

After all, you can’t keep shooting like this indefinitely, can you?

Higher 3-Point Than Overall Field Goal Percentage
(Minimum 100 Minutes Played)
Difference Player, School 3Pt Pct. Overall FG Pct. Mins
.130 Marquise Reed, C .522 (12-23) .392 (20-51) 164
.118 V.J. King, UL .571 (8-14) .453 (24-53) 150
.063 Kyle Guy, V .619 (13-21) .556 (25-45) 144
.050 Justin Bibbs, VT .429 (18-42) .379 (25-66) 264
.046 Brandon Childress, WF .348 (8-23) .302 (16-53) 194
.029 DJ Vasiljevic, UM .429 (18-42) .400 (22-55) 165
.028 Frank Howard, SU .417 (10-24) .389 (21-54) 210
.003 Tyus Battle, SU .411 (15-34) .408 (20-49) 215

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