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ACC Roundup

It’s early, so to borrow from Mike Tyson: everybody has a plan until they get hit.

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NCAA Basketball: ACC conference tournament-Florida State vs Virginia Tech
Final four dark horses?
Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

UNC should be good again this season but faces significant questions. The N&O looks at five. We think they may be underrating Seventh Woods.

NBC Sports has a list of seven Final Four sleeper teams including Virginia Tech and Florida State. It’s a bit early for that, but we’d take Virginia Tech over Florida State if it came down to it. FSU has plenty of talent but Hamilton, who has built solid programs at Oklahoma State, Miami and Florida State, has never been a great tournament coach. He’s made it to the Sweet Sixteen twice, once at Miami and once at FSU.

Florida State’s inability to hold onto the ball has been a bit of an ACC joke over the years but it’s a critical weakness in tournament play. So don’t bet the rent money on the ‘Noles.

We’d bet on a Rick Pitino team before either of them though.

NBC Sports also has a general ACC preview posted.

Blogging The Bracket takes a look at ACC schedules here.

Up in Lower Canada, Jim Boeheim is pumped up about this year’s team, saying it was his best since 2011-12.