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Recruiting: Quade Green Update

As Syracuse and Kentucky get their shots

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Basketball: Nike EYBL Finals at Peach Jam
Jul 10, 2016; North Augusta, SC, USA; Mokan Elite Elijah Landrum (10) attempts to block the shot by PSA Cardinals Quade Green (1) during the second half of the Nike Peach Jam Finals at Riverview Park Activity Center. Mokan won 93-65. Mandatory Credit: Joshua S. Kelly
Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

Here’s an update on Quade Green, the point guard from Philly.

He’s expected at Kentucky’s Big Blue Madness soon (October 14th) but is generally seen as a Syracuse lean. As a matter of fact, he’ll be there this weekend with big-time recruit Hamidou Diallo.

The Crystal Ball sees Syracuse having a 74% chance and Duke at 16%. Kentucky is “aggressive” according to Zags, but the Crystal Ball doesn't have Kentucky listed as a serious option.

Then again, as with all recruiting, most of us don’t know a thing. We remember one case, years ago, about a kid who was set to attend a particular school and changed his mind quite late. When the coach asked why, he hemmed and hawed a bit then explained that he wouldn’t be able to wear his number since it had already been retired.

You just never know.