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Recruiting: Harvard Making A Big Push For Carter

As his parents push for Harvard.

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NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-Harvard Practice
Win or lose on Wendell Carter, Tommy Amaker has plenty of reasons to smile as his Harvard basketball program continues to impress.
John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Wendell Carter hasn’t made a decision yet but he's reportedly down to Duke and Harvard. As we relayed the other day, Boston Celtics rookie Jaylen Brown is pushing Harvard.

He’s not the only one: Carter’s parents would prefer Harvard as well.

They appear to be leaving the decision to their son. As he’s said for some time, he and Gary Trent want to go to school together. We haven’t seen any indication that Trent is considering Harvard, so if Carter wants to go there, he may have to do it without his buddy.

Whatever he decides, he’s probably on the fast path to the NBA. Duke is probably a better place to achieve that than Harvard for two reasons: 1) the coaching is better and 2) so is the competition.

We don’t mean to knock Tommy Amaker in the slightest. The former Duke point guard and K assistant has done an amazing job at Harvard, and the mere fact that he is in it so late for a Top Five recruit underscores that fact. No one dreamed he could take Harvard so far.

We don’t envy Carter the decision but he’s a smart kid and we’re sure he’ll think it through carefully.