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Duke Great Alana Beard Hits A Shot For The Ages

This is one she’ll never, ever forget.

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Los Angeles Sparks v Phoenix Mercury
Alana Beard drives the ball downcourt for the L.A. Sparks

One fine fall afternoon in the early days of the new century we wandered into Card Gym, back when you could still do it, and we saw this young basketball player make a steal and absolutely fly downcourt and thought: who the hell is she?

Turned out it was Alana Beard, who turned out be be a sensational player at Duke.

Like all players, we’re sure Beard grew up dreaming of hitting a huge game-winning shot. She may have done it a few times by now - she’s 34 this year - but we doubt that she’s ever hit a cooler shot than this one.

There’s only one word for this: spectacular.