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ACC Roundup - Louisville, Irish Prevail

State was close but not close enough.

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The weirdest thing about State's loss to Louisville? State wore black uniforms so Louisville opted for white.

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It's odd to see a visitor wear white. The Cards made themselves right at home, shooting 50% or better from the line and deep.

State got 65 points from four starters, which means the rest of the team managed just seven points. Cat Barber had 20 while Abdul-Malik Abu had 15 points and 12 rebounds.

State could use a little help, clearly.

Notre Dame took BC apart on the road behind a 21-4 run in the first half. Demetrius Jackson had 17 to pace the Irish.

Neat stat: all five of Mike Brey's starters are averaging double figures.

Syracuse is 0-3 in the ACC with UNC in the house Sunday. In 1996-97 Syracuse started 0-4 and finished .500 i the Big East. But the Big East always had some weak teams.

In the ACC, when you project weakness, the other teams sense it and they really come after you. There's no padding - well, maybe BC this year, but certainly not three or four  - and you pay for your insufficiencies.

So how are the players handling it? Like this.