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Collins, Sulaimon Meet Again In The Windy City

It was a win for Sulaimon and Maryland, but a nice reunion otherwise.

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When Maryland played Northwestern this weekend, one of the subplots was Rasheed Sulaimon going up against Chris Collins, who helped recruit him to Duke.

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Sulaimon finished with 16 points, six rebounds six assists and a steal and a block. He also shot 6-9.

Afterwards, both had kind words for each other.

Collins said that he was "really proud" of Sulaimon and that he's "in a good place" at Maryland.

For his part, Sulaimon said this: "Definitely, it’s bigger than basketball. Me and Coach Collins developed a great relationship at Duke even through it was for one year. I’m very happy for what he’s done at Northwestern, and he expressed that he was happy for me as well. It was great to see him and give him a hug, and I’m glad that we left here with a win."

So love all around. But this comment from Collins struck us (emphasis ours): When you go through a lot of battles with someone, you share a bond. Whatever happened at Duke or didn’t happen at Duke, I’ll always look after Rasheed and want what’s best for him, and it’s good to see that he’s found a home at Maryland."

We're not sure what he meant, quite possibly nothing, but he knows a lot more than we ever will.