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ACC Roundup - Hatchell Disciplined (Twice), Williams Blows Up In Presser

Is it something in the Chapel Hill water?

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Hey ESPN! Knock that daggum Green Room stuff off! Aight?
Hey ESPN! Knock that daggum Green Room stuff off! Aight?
Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

A busy Saturday but a bit of Friday Sturm und Drang from Chapel Hill.

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First, Sylvia Hatchell was suspended not once but twice, once by UNC and once by the NCAA.

UNC suspended her for making contact with an official during the Duke game, and the NCAA suspended her for a mockup of a player introduction during a recruit's visit.

Both are for one game apiece.

And on the men's side, Ol' Roy Williams has had it with ESPN's Green Room lingo.

If you haven't heard it, the NCAA sees a talented player, like Brandon Ingram, who is very likely to be a high draft pick and makes reference to said Green Room.

To round off Cranky Friday, Williams teed off on the ACC for the "weird" basketball schedule.

On to Saturday!

Some things seem predictable for a change. We'll go out on a limb and say UNC beats BC at home, Miami wins at State and Syracuse beats Georgia Tech at home.

The other two games are less certain.

Clemson has certainly played better than Florida State, but FSU has more talent. However, as Clemson has proved several times already this season, talent isn't necessarily the defining factor.

The showcase game is Virginia at Louisville, and what an interesting game that should be.

Both teams have had to mix things up this season. Louisville had to find a couple of grad students to really keep things up to snuff and Virginia has been much less of a defensive juggernaut than they have been recently.

The Cavaliers of course are coming off of a remarkable comeback at Wake Forest. Can they build on that?

The Wolfpack is in a bind. State has a thin roster and not many options. It's just one of those years, and thankfully, so  far Mark Gottfried has avoided them in Raleigh.

It's just hard to see how State is going to knock off Miami. The 'Canes are  full, complete and very good team.

If Georgia Tech has a shot at knocking off Syracuse on the road, it's probably with three point shooting. We can't see it honestly.

Back to what Ol' Roy said about scheduling, which followed what Syracuse's Jim Boeheim had to say: here's an explanation of why the ACC built it that way, and why Clemson is in a great situation.