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Deep In The Heart Of Pointless

Here's an idea: start a business, aim it at businesses...then offend people who might hire you. Homer lives.

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In business, and in PR work, there is a basic principle to keep in mind: it's foolish to offend potential customers or clients.

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We expect this is covered in at Fuqua, Duke's business school, one of the very best business schools in the country.

Fuqua has sent thousands of MBA's out into the world, including big shots like Apple's Tim Cook and Eddie Cue, and lots of highly successful if less celebrated executives.

There are Duke success stories across the country, from North Carolina to California and all points in between.

Even in Texas.

Well, about Texas...

A friend of DBR showed us a Twitter feed from a guy in Texas who, you guessed it, runs a PR firm. His LinkedIn Bio says he's especially good at managing social media and crisis management.

That might come in handy because Jon Sasser doesn't like Duke.

He really doesn't like Duke. He also thinks Coach K is an idiot who should probably get in touch with him to know how to better use his bench and also to get some recruiting tips.

Although suggesting he knows more about Duke's bench than Coach K suggest fairly poor PR skills - it's like telling your brain surgeon what tools to use when he takes your tumor out - he's entitled to his opinion.

What he may not have taken into account is that principle we mentioned above.

There are a lot of businesses in Dallas, in Texas and elsewhere which would probably read that feed and decide, you know what? There are other PR firms which are probably smarter and more aware.

We don't speak for anyone else and certainly not K-Dog, aka Kenny Dennard. But Dennard runs a successful business in Houston which deals with up-and-coming firms and PR is a fact of life for him. It might not matter to Sasser that he (probably) won't get any work out of Dennard Lascar Associates...but what's the point of alienating business?

As word ripples across the Duke network in Texas, as say, maybe, the Duke Club of North Texas cottons on, those options will dry up for him as well.

We don't deny him the right to be stupid or arrogant we exercise our own periodically, but he's offended a potential class of clients. If that seems like a reasonable tradeoff to him, then by all means, full steam ahead.