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ACC Roundup - Snow Overshadows The Weekend's Competition

It's going to be a major storm, so if you live on the East Coast, please be careful.

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At times like this, with major weather on the way, the rest of the ACC realizes just how much they hate Florida State and, most of all, Miami: the nerve of these people, frolicking under palm trees while the rest of us are getting ready to dig out of a big, frozen disaster.

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Well, Wake and Pitt probably aren't quite as mad: the teams will play at Miami and FSU respectively. It's bound to be nice to be there when the rest of the East Coast is dealing with a howling, frozen mess.

Unfortunately they'll still have to get back, and that trip might not be so much fun. But who cares? Florida during a blizzard! Life could be worse.

It will be in Charlottesville, where snowfall will be measured in feet rather than inches. The National Weather Service is calling for heavy, "possibly crippling" snowfall. The Syracuse game scheduled for Saturday has already been moved to Sunday, and the Monday trip to Winston-Salem is now scheduled for Tuesday rather than Monday.

UNC is supposed to play at Virginia Tech on Sunday, so we'll have to see how that works out.

Things won't be nearly as bad in the Triangle, but could be compounded by a serious layer of ice. As veterans of fun winters around here know, it takes about 1/4" of ice to bring down branches and trees...which tend to fall on power lines.

So between slippery roads and potentially serious power outages, many people may not be able to watch the Duke-State game - assuming it's even played.

And speaking of ice and such, if we do lose power, we won't be able to update the way we usually do. We'll probably have access to Twitter though, so you can keep up there.

We focus on basketball here of course, and ACC teams travel in relative comfort. Not so for the non-revenue sports, which will also be traveling and sometimes in vans. We hope everyone is patient and okay while on the road.

Best of luck to everyone who lives in the path of Jonas. Take lots of pictures! And stay safe.