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Duke Legend Dave Sime Passes

His athletic career was brilliant, andt the rest of his life was too.

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Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

Former Duke great Dave Sime has died.

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Sime was a superb natural athlete who focused on track at Duke and became a world-class sprinter. He participated in the 1960 Rome Olympics and won silver in the 100 meter dash.

He was at Duke on a baseball scholarship but played football and basketball in high school as well and at Duke managed football in addition to baseball and track.

In Rome, the CIA asked him to help persuade a Russian athlete to defect, but ultimately the man decided not to.

Simes was also a second-team All-American in baseball. He was drafted by the Detroit Lions but never went into professional sports.

After his career ended with multiple records, Sime became a very fine ophthalmologist and did pioneering work with intraocular lens transplants.

His grandson, Max McCaffrey, just finished a stellar career with Duke football.

In many ways, he was the epitome of what Duke athletics would like to be. He'll be missed.