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Mike Brey Wary Of Cameron's Power

At least for his freshmen.

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Mike Brey is the ACC's answer to Jack Nicholson.
Mike Brey is the ACC's answer to Jack Nicholson.
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Mike Brey, who was a Duke assistant early in his career, memorably said that when Mike Krzyzewski coaches against his former assistants, "Mike likes to eat his young."

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Not so much with his team. Last year - well, since Notre Dame has been in the ACC really - the Irish have given Duke fits.

The trip to Cameron last year was a notable exception as Duke blew the doors off of Brey's team, winning 90-60.

It wasn't' that close. Duke had an epic 43-7 run and shot 81% in the first half.

That was an experienced team that went on a brilliant post-season run before losing to Kentucky when 7-0 Willie Cauley-Stein chased Jerian Grant from end-to-end to prevent him from winning the game on a last second shot.

This year's team is not nearly as experienced, so naturally Brey is concerned about how his younger players will handle Cameron. From time to time over the years, Cameron has eaten young players alive. Brey is fully aware of this having seen his share.