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Roy Williams - NCAA Investigation Is Hurting UNC Basketball

This is the world UNC created for itself. What did he expect?

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UNC's ultimate fate at the hand of the NCAA is still uncertain, but Roy Williams is clearly frustrated.

He was inducted into the Western North Carolina Hall of Fame Sunday and unloaded a bit: "It would help if the NCAA would just tell us what the allegations are. That would help because it would give us the information. It's been a hard process, and I know that has been quite a lot of negative recruiting going on and other things that don't make you very happy.

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"We made some mistakes at our university, mistakes we are not proud of. And yet it has been so sensationalized, just off the charts about what has happened.

"We're about the most investigated program in the history of college athletics. We had two internal investigations, former Governor (Jim) Martin did an investigation, then the Wainstein Report (from a) federal prosecutor, and now the NCAA.

"There's no words they haven't seen, I can tell you that."

We respect Williams. He's a tremendous coach. But the waterworks here are a bit much.

We don't know specifically what the charges are - if Williams doesn't know, next to no one does - but the nature of the violations are pretty clear. What happened at UNC has been called the worst academic fraud in NCAA history.

The notion that it has been sensationalized though...that's ridiculous. The reason - the only reason - it has dragged on like this - the only reason why there have been so many investigations - is because UNC has resisted coming clean.

If Williams has to deal with negative recruiting, it's the fault of his employers. If the university had been aggressive and proactive from the start, if it had really dug into this, consequences be damned, it would be history and the school would have earned great praise.

Instead, you get what UNC's getting: endless media coverage, criticism, looming probation, possible accreditation problems...negative recruiting is really not that high on the list when you think about it.

Obviously Williams is not happy, but the truth is, UNC is getting what it chose to get. Nothing more, nothing less.