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Hurley To Arizona State

From a Blue Devil to a Sun Devil, Hurley's journey is unique.

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I'll take it! Bobby Hurley moves from Buffalo to Arizona State.
I'll take it! Bobby Hurley moves from Buffalo to Arizona State.
Mary Langenfeld-USA TODAY Sports

We've gone on records many times with our dislike of Arizona State. Well, we'll have to give up on that now that Bobby Hurley is the Sun Devil's basketball coach.

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If anyone asked us for a short list of our favorite Duke players, here's the basic list:

Hurley, Christian Laettner, Grant Hill, Jason Williams, Shane Battier, JJ Redick, Nolan Smith, Tyler Thornton, and several of this year's team.

But Hurley holds a special place.

He's the only one we named a dog for, a white Jack Russell who was almost as tenacious.

Hurley was an amazing player and he's quickly emerging as an amazing coach.

There are a few questions he'll have to answer.

First, he'll be working in the West for the first time as a coach. It's nothing like the East when it comes to recruiting. The distances are incomprehensible to an Eastern mind. Some counties in Arizona are bigger than some New England states.

In-state, you're recruiting against Arizona, which has been like the Western Terminator since Lute Olson arrived. There are some good players in Phoenix and the surrounding suburbs, and some good ones in Tucson, but those will be harder to get.

That pushes ASU recruiting primarily to the West Coast and especially California.

Herb Sendek had seven Arizonans on his final roster, three Californians and one player from Seattle.

He also had players from Philly, Illinois, Tennessee, Minnesota and Denmark.

Hurley will hit the talent beds in LA, San Diego, Las Vegas, Seattle, and Oregon, and may tap into Utah and Colorado, where a number of sharp players have come from lately.

He'll also have a challenge with the ASU student body, which at times has been very difficult, although they did come up with the absolutely brilliant Curtain of Distraction.

At times though, when it's not apathetic, the fan base is cruel or vicious. That's a different sort of a challenge, although we expect Hurley will find a way to tame them. It's somewhat like Maryland, unfortunately.

Anyway, it wouldn't have been our first choice, but our immense respect for Hurley overules our dislike of ASU. Go Sun Devils! You just hired a heck of a coach.