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Jilted By Capel, ASU Pursues Hurley Instead

Apparently they'd like a bit of that Duke magic.

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He'd follow Herb Sendek, which wouldn't be that hard, really.
He'd follow Herb Sendek, which wouldn't be that hard, really.
Joe Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

While we were really happy to see Jeff Capel turn down Arizona State, we also hope that Bobby Hurley doesn't take it either.

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Like Capel, he can do better, even if it means waiting a year or two.

Long-time readers may recall that we have a real bias against Arizona State stemming from appalling fan behavior (taunting Steve Kerr after his father had been assassinated).

That's part of our objection to the place, but that's not all. It's a combination of Maryland and Kentucky with none of the success of either. It's Rutgers West, a place which consistently screws up.

It's also about as mercenary a place as we can imagine. There are state universities which have a lot to offer: NC State, Georgia Tech, Florida, Utah, UConn, Iowa, Iowa State, Kansas, heck, Eastern Michigan.

Buffalo for that matter.

Arizona State is, and always has been, about what have you done for me lately.

Like Capel, Hurley doesn't need our advice, and we'll pull for him wherever he goes.

We just think he can do better.

Much, much better.