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The Big Difference Between Duke And Kentucky And A Nasty Attack On Grayson Allen

Having been caught in an apparent hoax, Rolling Stone has moved on to religious defamation.

Grayson Allen drives against Wisconsin's Sam Dekker in the 2015 NCAA title game.
Grayson Allen drives against Wisconsin's Sam Dekker in the 2015 NCAA title game.
Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

With Duke's win, inevitably, comes carping. We're used to it now, it's just part of the gig. Duke sucks, stupid white players, blah, blah, blah, whatever.

Still, there are occasionally things that make your ears prick up. This time it's the comparison between what Kentucky does and what Duke does in terms of major high school recruits.

John Calipari says he expects five players to leave, but an NBA scout pegs it at seven.

If it's seven that means Karl-Anthony Towns, Willie Caulie Stein, Devin Booker, Trey Lyles, Dakari Johnson and the Harrison twins.

However, the Harrisons are seen as marginal picks, which presents a problem for Calipari: they are in the way.

And that's the difference.

Remember a few years ago when Kentucky put out a press release saying that a player - we forget  his name - was leaving early? His mother had to come out and say, wait a minute, we haven't decided anything.

As fast as Calipari is bringing them in, he has to get them out, too - and in particular the ones who aren't excelling.

At Kentucky, it's not just that they take one-and-dones. They take them and if they're not working out, they're ready for the next ones to take their place.

That's not how it works for Duke. No one is pushing anyone to enter the draft.

In other sucky news, what the hell happened to Rolling Stone magazine? Look, it's always been a pretentious windbag, always willing to latch on to whatever the cool thing of the moment is. It's the establishment rag of the most idiotic corner of our culture, which makes it something akin to Pravda, except Pravda had a better sense of humor.

And that's fine because in spite of that, they've occasionally had some decent stuff. Hunter S. Thompson worked for them as has PJ O' Rourke, both fiercely indivdualistic writers.

But somewhere it went off the tracks. Take the UVA rape story, retracted Monday (finally), but with no disciplinary action taken. None! It's incredible.

And now take this horrible slam on Grayson Allen for being white and going to a Christian school.

Well there's not much he can do about being white and being ripped for being white - how is that different from being ripped for being black or Hispanic or anything else? It's sick.

Whatever Grayson believes is his business. How did we get to the point where ripping someone's religion is acceptable? It's completely offensive. Diversity is fine apparently, as long as you're not, you know, too diverse.

Rolling Stone became a joke a long time ago, but at least it was relatively harmless. Now, with the hit job on the UVA fraternity for a false rape accusation and this smear of Allen for daring to go to a religious high school, it's gone from being a parody and a joke to being a vicious smear machine.

Best of luck to the UVA fraternity as it takes Rolling Stone to court. Lacking humility within, it will have to be imposed from without.