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New DBR Podcast Posted!

Get ready for the championship game with some quality insights.

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We're in the national championship game!! Jason (JasonEvans), Sam (Dev11) and Donald (Blazindw) break down the national semifinal win over Michigan State, discuss Wisconsin's victory over Kentucky and preview the national championship game! You can grab the podcast at one of these sites:


  • 0:13 Intros
    0:48 Sam and Donald make DBR Podcast history
    1:20 Recap Michigan State game
    15:30 Jason recounts Trice’s "jewels"
    17:05 Wisconsin takes down "unbeatable" Kentucky; Stay classy, Kentucky
    22:15 Stay classy, Kentucky
    31:11 We break down the national championship game - Duke vs. Wisconsin
    47:43 Player of the game nods; lot of shoutouts
    52:27 We discuss Lyles’ elbow no-call
    55:45 Jahlil’s hands make basketballs look like grapefruits
    56:35 Cool video of Wisconsin’s celebration at their team hotel
    57:51 Kentucky tears taste delicious
    58:40 Championship game score predictions
    1:00:00 Sam’s going to the ‘ship!
    1:01:41 351 teams in D-1, we’re one of 2 left
    1:03:00 sign off