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State Wins Last-Minute Recruiting Tussle With Calipari, UK

Shaun Kirk backs the Pack after the UK attack.

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"Hey Cal! Nice Try! He's still going to State!"
"Hey Cal! Nice Try! He's still going to State!"
David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

Tuesday it looked as if John Calipari would swoop in and pluck Shaun Kirk from NC State's claws the very day he committed to the Pack.

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After a day's worth of thinking about it, the kid decided to stick with the Pack, ensuring that he'll be a fan favorite for however long he's in Raleigh.

Sow - wow, almost an unintentional farm joke - sorry Wolfpackers! So what does he bring?

Right now mostly raw athleticism, but that's still very useful. He can certainly help out on defense even if his offense is not refined, and he can run the break. Those are good qualities in anyone.

And if he develops in a manner similar to, say, Justin Anderson or KJ McDaniels, then State found a gem.

Worth noting: John Calipari, who has been cherrypicking Top 10 players for a while now, is having to scrap for 3-star high schoolers and JUCOs.

It's gotten to the point where Tyler Ulis, Alex Poythress and Marcus Lee are telling people not to worry.

Speaking of Kentucky, in case you missed it, former Wildcat Derek Anderson is not overly impressed with John Calipari. This should be interesting to follow.