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Mark Gottfried May Lose Recruit To Kentucky

Didn't see this coming.

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Mark Gottfried can't catch a break lately.
Mark Gottfried can't catch a break lately.
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

When you think about it, Mark Gottfried has done a really solid job at State, and we'll give you two ways to measure his success - well, three.

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  1. He's had to rebuild his team every season except for his second in Raleigh.
  2. His teams improve as much from October to March as any team in the country.
  3. Under Gottfried, State has been a consistent presence in the NCAA tournament.

All of that implies skill and acumen. Yet sometimes, Gottfried gets reminded where he is in the pecking order, both in the ACC and nationally.

So check this out.

On Monday, he lost Brandon Ingram to Duke.  However, he made a nice recovery by getting a commitment from Shaun Kirk, a 6-6 athletic player from Whitesville who could be a steal.

Only problem is Kentucky might steal the steal.

Thats right, one day after Kirk said he'd be at State next season, Kentucky's John Calipari offered him too.

So now the kid doesn't know what he'll do. He might consider that Kentucky isn't at all afraid to recruit over players. At State, he'd have a spot for however long he chose to stay.

Chalk it up as a bit of a reality check for Gottfried. Can he make State competitive? Yes, clearly. Can he win the big recruiting battles?

Not yet.