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Brandon Ingram To Announce In One Week

The Kinston star reportedly will stay home, which would mean Duke, UNC or N.C. State.

Brandon Ingram poses at the McDonald's game.
Brandon Ingram poses at the McDonald's game.
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Kinston native Brandon Ingram will announce his college decision next Monday, and according to, he'll probably end up staying in-state.

There's a school of thought which favors Duke - 24/7 Sports has Duke's chances at 70% - but that and a few bucks will get you coffee.

But if it's in-state, then it's at least 33% - Wake's not involved. And he would be a major piece for Duke, which lacks a versatile offensive forward currently. Toss in a late point guard and the Blue Devils would be loaded for another strong run.

Duke is interested in Jamal Murray and Derryck Thornton, and also perhaps Dylan Ennis, who has finished at Villanova and would be a transitional point guard.

Duke had an in-home with Ingram on Friday and will meet with him again Tuesday. State and UNC will also meet with him before his announcement.

Given that Kinston only has about 22,000 people, it's cranked out some great players over the years.

The most recent was Reggie Bullock, but Kinston has also produced Tony Dawson and his more famous cousin Jerry Stackhouse, Cornbread Maxwell and Charles Shackleford.

Kinston also punches above its weight musically: aside from Tab Smith, Jocelyn Brown and James Tim Brymn, Kinston had a huge effect on the development of funk and soul music, working with James Brown and Parlament-Funkadelic.

Toss in Dwight Howard (Dwight Clark - our basketball orientation is showing), Tyrone Willingham and Quinton Coples, and the little town of Kinston has really turned out some dynamic people.